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Do you count calories? I hate to burst your bubble – please don’t waste your time. Your body is a fine-tuned machine. If you treat it with respect, your calorie counting days will become a distant memory. That is, if you introduce exercise – any exercise – into your life on a regular basis. No kidding. Scales exist, if for no other reason, to remind us that we need to lose stubborn fat. It’s nothing easy, but so worth it. The word ‘fast’ has two meanings. The first is speed-related. The second, and more important meaning relates to a severe reduction in food consumption. If 26 year old Angus Barbieri could do it, why not you? Angus went from 465 lbs on Day 1 to 182 lbs 380 days later – that’s a world record! You do not have to fast, it just produces results faster (no pun intended) – just exercise instead for similar results, such as by walking and/or biking. Just burn those calories and watch your fat melt away like magic. And the dual bonus is that you will ‘age’ slower because aging is associated with sitting idly. Now, here’s a bonus you did not see coming. Guess what? There are numerous ‘negative calorie’ fruits and vegetables that consumemore calories to burnthan they, themselves, contain – all listed for your convenience. So say ‘Goodbye’ to calorie counting now and forever… good riddance!


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Calories to Burn

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