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Distinguish ‘eating’ versus ‘dining.’ The former is necessary to survive. The latter adds a measure of pleasure. Now, dining outside the box implies an additional unique quality. Do you yearn for something different? Has eating ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ at home become humdrum? Spice up your meals without busting your budget. Do something different for a change. Go out for LUNCH instead of Dinner (especially at a Buffet Restaurant where you control food choices and quantities, plus save a bundle), share a meal out with family and/or friends, bring home restaurant ‘leftovers’ since they’re better temporarily on your waist, than wasted. Have a small appetite today? Buy an appetizer rather than a full meal and bring prepared foods along when traveling great distances by car. Do you enjoy your booze? Don’t deny… satisfy… by drinking at home. Of course, celebrations call for breaking the Rules occasionally. Enjoy a terrific meal out that you be be hard-pressed to prepare at home.


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Dining Outside the Box

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