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Born Dutch, I am pleased to share some Dutch delicacies and everyday foods with you by way of Holland. If you have not been exposed to any of these, don’t be surprised if some of them become your favorite foods. At the end of the Article you will find the Names of some great Dutch Food Purveyors followed by half a dozen Dutch Food References to further whet your appetite! The Article has an ‘Anytime’ Food Section, a Breakfast Section, plus a Lunch/DinnerSection. Especially if you enjoy Desserts, you are going to ‘go to the Moon’ with the delectable selection of goodies … I can’t stop salivating. The Dutch are famous for their Brinta (so-called ‘Paaps’)- hot cereals for a cold day made from milk, wheat, bread, brown sugar and a touch of salt. They fill you up and make you want more. Of course the Dutch are also famous for baking, especially unique Cookies, Pies and Puddings… so good, so memorable.
Trust me, you will get hooked!


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Dutch Treats

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