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This Project encompassed over seven (7) years of in-depth research and writing/re-writing. Although a huge number of References were consulted, only the Principal Ones are noted to enhance your access to further reading. While much of the information is readily available, some is based on personal knowledge and experience, particularly in the Chapter titled ‘Dutch Treats’ – every ‘foody’ should explore this one.
‘I highly recommend reading at least three of the nine eBooks: they are ‘Diet Guru’, Spice Up Your Life’ and ’Super-Savvy re: Food’ since they are Life-Changing. Indeed, I predict that they will become Your best Roadmap to Optimal Health, but Caution is advised – convey this information to your health care provider before implementing the HEALTH MAESTRO changes. Live Well!
We are not born super-savvy re: foods. We are introduced to them by our caregivers and then by subsequent exposure. The ones that sustain us in life vary widely across the globe. Factors such as race, beliefs, climate, soil conditions, altitude, rainfall totals and the availability of fertilizers may substantially impact their availability and, thus, our diets. And that is just for starters. Once we are fortunate enough to have access to some of them, how we consume them varies as well – raw, baked, fried, saut~ed, boiled, etc. Some are eaten fresh, others frozen or dehydrated. And we eat to satisfy both our taste buds and our appetites. We have abundant choices, ranging from all-veggie diet to eggs, fish, fruits, meats and combinations thereof. Also, we can choose to Fast, eat only one meal per day or ‘three ‘squares’ as desired. Given the enormous number of food choices, it is not surprising that taste buds vary enormously around the world.

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